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Huanss QT4-15 Block making machine

Huanss QT4-15 Block making machine

Quanzhou Huangshi Huanss QT4-15 Block making machine


1. Adopting France Schneider Energy Control System,using imported USA hydraulic components.
2. Adopting unique synchronous structure,to ensure the consistency of every block. Scientific vibration system conveys force,into every part of the mould,so as to achieve fast feeding,shortening shaping circle 
3. The Machine can produce different sizes of block,just by changing the mould,such as hollow block, colour block and seed block. 
4. Useful raw material:stone powder,sand,fly ash,coal refuses,tailings and construction garbage.


Screw conveyor

Cement silo


Cement scale

Finished block conveyor

Hydraulic pump unit

Auto pallet rising machine

Pallet conveyor

Brick conveyor


PLC control unit

Host machine  

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