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HongYi QT10-15 Automatic Block Machine

HongYi QT10-15 Automatic Block Machine

HongYi QT10-15 Automatic Block Machine


Descriptions of QT10-15 block making machine

This design of block machine combines merits of other multiple models and introduces several new technologies:

1. Design idea: the top priority is to improve quality and increase throughput, so products quality can be substantially boosted as the quantity soars.

2. Quality is in the first place: the design of every component and introduction of every technology have been repeatedly checked by our experts. As to the safety factor, we have left plenty room for coping with unexpected incidents.

3. Design aim: the design should aim at the international level to manufacture products with large yield, high quality, weather-resistance, wide adaptability, and diversity.

4. Technology introduction: this kind of concrete products Machine has used multiple latest technologies like multi-source vibration system, automatic fault diagnosis and remote assistance, etc.

5. Solar energy curing technology: this technology can help save manpower of up to 25%, ground 50%, improve quality, do no harm to the nature, and require no more costs for curing. 

6. The control system uses PLC system with man-machine interface; computer memories can be optional according to different working modes; easy to handle, electrical control devices are all from such global famous brands as Fuji, Omron, etc.

Technical data of QT10-15 Block Making Machine

Overall dimension(mm)5200×2350×2850mm
Pallet size(mm)1120×880×25mm(Bamboo pallet)
Total weight(kg)13800kg
Way of vibrationTable and mould resonance
Vibration frequency(Hz)50-70hz
Cycle time(s)15s
Installed capacity (KW)34.5kw

Throughput of QT10-15 Block Making Machine

Product Specificationpcs/palletpcs/hr.pcs/8hrspcs/300days
Hollow block390×190×190102,40019,20011,520,000
Multi-hole block240×115×90245,76046,08027,648,000
Floor brick225×112.5×60245,76046,08027,648,000
Standard Brick240×115×534811,52092,16055,296,000

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