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500T hydraulic press brick machine

500T hydraulic press brick machine


Brick Making Machines for calcium silicate brick:

Lime-sand (fly ash) autoclaved brick is sand and lime as the main raw material, allow incorporation pigment and admixture, by raw material processing, ingredients digestion, green material uniform, pressing forming, it is the common lime-sand (fly ash) brick after high-pressure steam curing. Which is divided into standard brick, hollow brick and blind hole brick; Lime-sand (fly ash) autoclaved  brick (following shorted as lime-sand (fly ash) brick) is a new building materials of mature technology, energy saving, it is suitable for bearing wall of multilayer composite structure building , can instead of clay burned solid brick.

The reaction process: 
               CaO + H2O - Ca (OH) 2 + 15.5 kilocalorie (mixed YouTi bentonite) 
               Ca (OH) 2 + SiO2 + (n - 1) H2O 174.5 ℃ saturated steam 
               CaO * SiO2 * nH2O (calcium silicate)

Main technical parameters of fly ash brick machine:

Type  500T 
Nominal pressure5000 KN
Molding bricks/cycle14 bricks
Power46 kw
Fly ash rate70% 
Brick Raw MaterialFly Ash (sand)
NoteFull automatic

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